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(teaching computers in high school, junior high school, elementary school)


[Portrait of Noriko Wright, information technology teacher]    Mrs. Noriko Wright has been teaching Computer / Information Technology since 1997, when she created the information technology program at New Hope Academy, a private school in Maryland near Washington DC where students' standardized test scores put the school in the top 10% nationally. She designed the program and wrote most of her own curriculum materials (which she hopes to publish). This site will be one venue for distributing materials that she has both written and collected, the latter being the far greater quantity.
      Mrs. Noriko Wright is a native of Japan. After moving to the U.S. in 1983, she was one of relatively few people at that time skilled in both accounting and computing, and while Bursar of a graduate school converted the financial and work-study offices from manual to computerized accounting. Her being largely self-taught has served her well in an ever-changing field, and she has just added exciting areas to her school's computer curriculum such as video editing and robotics.
      "Computer skills are already expected as a prerequisite for most good jobs, and this will be more and more true in the future. Also, figuring out how to get the result you want on a computer is a great way to exercise the mind. My students learn by doing." Visit her on the web at

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